Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do Instead of Plan to Do - Month Nine

I know a young woman who works in a medical facility. She sometimes tells of humorous situations that come up. One such situation, if you can call it humorous, was when a woman came in with a very sick little boy and demanded free medical care. When the doctor agreed to writing off everything but a co-pay, she was angry…. She just did not have the money for it.

Now if this had been entirely true, we could understand her concerns, but let me further paint a picture for you. The woman was wearing expensive clothing, her hair had been processed and triple processed and professionally done, her nails had been very expertly done as well and included decals and glitter, the works! She had a fancy car and a new I-Phone, get the picture. She had the money for the things she really wanted.

A lot of us really don’t have extra money. But most people have enough for the basic needs and more than a few spend a lot of money a month on anything and everything but needs. I look at families that not only have cell phones for every family member, but also cable TV, eat out often and have each kid in one or more lessons and sports. Where am I going with this? Much like the woman with the sick little boy, are we living like this on the one hand and saying that we don’t have money to begin a emergency preparedness or home food storage program on the other? We had better really get honest with ourselves today while we can. Let’s not be more concerned with supporting a life style and having fun than we are about our preparations to support life itself. We pretty much can buy what we want most to buy.
Of course there are times when this isn’t so. We lost our job some months ago and I understand what that means. But, actually even in this time of frugality, I have continued to keep my eyes open for adding even small things to my storage program.

My grandmother used to comment as she watched people come out of the local K-mart or Wal-Mart, “Yep, people are really having tough times. Their carts are so full they can barely push ‘em.” She was right, just because some really struggled with the recession, most continued living and spending the American way, to excess. Surely we still live in a blessed land of prosperity. We wish it would stay that way forever. And while our hearts truly go out to the ones who are without means to support their families, we as a nation are still among the richest in the world. The days may come when that will change and now, not another day, is the time to put some of our excess not into more recreation, but into the very basics that will sustain life. Let us be wise and fill the storage areas of our home even if that means under the beds, so that we will be ok when our pantries are bare.

September Preparedness Family Home Evening

Opening Song:
Keep The Commandments, Primary Song Book. Page 146

Thought: We have been asked over and over to lay aside some food, money and provisions for a day of want. Whether that day of want will come as a huge community wide disaster or a personal family one, is unknown to us at this time, and really unimportant. This command is just that, a command from the Lord. His commandments, when kept, always bring forth the blessings and protection of Heaven. “Keep the commandments, in this there is safety and peace.” Read the words of the song you just sang together and talk about the kind of peace and blessings that come to those who do not just rely on their own knowledge, but are obedient to the Lord’s directives.

Adam, after leaving the Garden of Eden, was commanded to offer sacrifice and so he did. He was asked why he was doing this thing and he responded that he didn’t know why, but was doing it because the Lord commanded it. What a perfect and beautiful example of being completely obedient.

We may know some of what lies ahead, but we do not know all. It isn’t necessary for us to know everything that will befall us in the years to come. It’s probably even for the best that we don’t know everything. But what we do know is what we have been asked to do. Let’s commit to simply do everything we are asked to do. Then can we sit still and calmly know that the Lord will be mindful of us and help us always.

List Nine

Find a small booklet on first aid

Water purification tablets or a purifying water bottle


Chap stick or other lip balm


Over the counter medication for diarrhea

Sun block

Electrolytes… sometimes you can find powdered Gatorade type drink mix

Kotex or other sanitary pads for female needs, also makes great bandages for large wounds

Stronger pain pills for pain if you have them

Have a 3-10 day supply of all the prescription meds.

Container of pet food (for those with a pet)

Pet I.D. and a plan for their care (for those with a pet)

Hair elastics and clips

Old towels and old wash cloths that can stay in the kit

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