Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do Instead of Plan to Do - Month Eight

Last month we talked about spiritually preparing the family for whatever might come. I hope you took the time to really discuss this vital aspect of home preparedness with your family. This time I’d like to talk about physical preparedness. Aside from just having food, water, and emergency items in our homes in times of emergency, we need to think about our physical selves and the preparations that may be needed there.

I know several young kids who are taking medications for types of anxiety. Now, I want to say for the record, there are definitely times when real disorders exist, where medication is really needed. But by in large, I think we are way over-doing the "use medications for every little thing". I even know of a young mother who gives her children sleeping pills every time they can’t easily fall asleep. The U.S. Army goes to great trouble and expense to put each soldier through combat stress training and provide them with the chance to see how they will really do under extreme stress. I wish we too could do this for our families, but it isn’t really possible.

What we can do is to cut out any and all medications we do not absolutely need and teach our children to manage stress without these aids. Also, we can greatly minimize or do away with the use of stimulant drinks all together. Yes, I know that there are many of you that will be a bit offended by this idea. But think of it, if we are in the middle of a disaster and we can’t get those caffeinated drinks we drink each day, we are going to be frustrated, have severe head-aches and be shaky… does that sound like being physically prepared to you? None of us want to be in that spot. And there may be times ahead that a clear head, a steady hand and a calm strong body may be essential.

Further more, even health conditions that we can work on improving like weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol control, blood pressure control and even endurance, can and will make us a better tool and more likely to make it through whatever the future holds.

August Preparedness Family Home Evening

Opening Song: LDS Hymns,
In Our Lovely Deseret, page no. 307

Thought: Please discuss the following and have each member of the family think about their own physical health and endurance levels.

1. What things am I doing that are preparing me to be a physically healthy and strong member of my family and community in a time of great stress?

2. What things can I do to strengthen my body?

3. What things can I give up that are doing me no good and in fact might impair me?

4. Am I addicted to anything? If so, what plans and real goals can I make to get this addiction out of my life?

List Eight

Coffee filters to filter real dirty water before boiling it

Jar of peanut butter… cannot be stored for years, must rotate and replace every year

Crackers (same as above)

Cereal bars like granola bars…. Several for each person in the family

Bag of dried fruit

Baby formula if you have a baby

Extra pkg. of diapers if you have a baby… choose bigger size so that they fit all year

Bag of raisins or nuts… also rotate once a year

Aluminum foil… good for cooking and eliminates need to wash pans

Butterfly bandages… excellent to pull together a cut and eliminate need for stitching very small cuts

Medical tape… paper variety

Nasal spray

100 percent wool blanket...excellent for keeping warm and puts out flames

It has been a very busy summer for my family and me. I am sure it has been for you too, but keep up your momentum on this preparedness goal. It will feel so great to be really prepared and will give your children such a sense of peace and security too. Good luck!

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