Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do Instead of Plan to Do-Month Eleven

It’s already November. When did that happen? Here we are just weeks away from Christmas and the holidays once again. Lest any of you think this is a time to get way over-programmed and stressed out, take heart. This month we will get you safely back on track and make the reaching of your 72 hr. preparedness goal very reachable.

Thinking positive thoughts can go a long way to lift spirits at this busy season. When we think of all the reasons we may need a 72 hr. kit, often the thoughts that come to mind are not all that positive. We have been told over and over again in the scriptures to be of good cheer. And who does the Lord tell to be of good cheer? His saints… those who are keeping His commandments are in a position to relax, trust the Lord and be of very good cheer. It’s simple, systematically do those things we have been asked to do and then the peace can come. But this time of year, what can I possibly do when so much is being asked of me, you might ask. Today I’ll give you a few helpful ideas. We will keep it simple.

November Preparedness Family Home Evening

Opening Song: "Thanks to Our Father", Primary Children's Song Book, pg. 20

Thought: Be of good cheer and think positively if you are doing the things the Lord has asked of you. Our dear prophet Gordon B. Hinckley grew up in an era much like the one we are facing. There was a time when he remembers the hopelessness of The Great Depression, when people were in a very “what’s the use of even living” mentality. Gordon caught himself being a part of that thinking for a small period of time. With little money he set out for a mission to England. Missionary work was not going well and he felt that he was just wasting his time and his parents’ money. He wrote home asking for advice. We all know the transformation he made in his thinking when his father wrote him a letter and told him to “forget himself and go to work“. He did and after that he said that the rest of his life he took this approach to things. Go to work and then have a positive outlook that things will work out somehow. One thing that President Hinckley always said was this, “I get up every morning and I say to myself, everything is going to be OK”. That is the message we need right now I think. Do the things we have been asked and get our houses spiritually and financially and physically in order (or rather we could say, “go to work“) and then come what may the Lord will be on our side and we can say, “everything is going to be OK”.

List 11

List 11 has activity aspects to it… please do the following:

Do each of the following at least once a year.. General conference in October could be a good time to routinely do these things:

Check all batteries for power and replace as needed….
Check wipes for wetness
Check jogging suits and clothing and shoes to see if sizes still fit
Check perishable foods like granola bars for freshness and replace if necessary
Check your family facts and important numbers sheets to make sure facts are current and accounts are still active etc.
Consider buying a new crank flashlight, lantern or flashlight and radio combination so that batteries are no longer needed
Review lists 1-10 that we have already shared with you on this web-site and make a list of those items you still need to complete your 72 hr. kit
Check out the web-sites given in earlier months about food storage requirements for each family member
Review where your family is in relation to this goal and make reasonable goals for acquiring more this New Year

Note: Now, here comes the fun part. A suggestion that can help a lot, ask for the needed items for Christmas gifts from your immediate family or your extended family. The reverse could be a great idea as well. Give some of these very useful emergency storage items as gifts to your immediate or extended family or friends. The gift of preparedness may be the most thoughtful gift they or you ever receive.

May this be an awesome holiday season for you and your family. May November be a month of true thankfulness for each of us. How grateful we should be to have a chance to prepare and to live in a country that allows each of us the choices of where and how to live and to acquire and store foods and supplies. I am grateful that I even have the knowledge that being prepared is necessary and good. I am grateful for prophets that warn us years in advance of all the ways we need to be ready for the events that may come. Making a list of all that we are grateful for is a good idea and will surprise you. One year my mother gave me a piece of paper numbered to 100 and challenged me to write down 100 things I was grateful for…. I did it and by was I surprised. I couldn’t stop writing and didn’t really slow up or run out of things until I hit about 700 items on my list. Try it. It would be a great conclusion to your November family home evening and each member of the family could make their own list. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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