Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do Instead Of Plan To Do-Month Five

Recently our ward had a fireside of instruction to the parents about the hazards our children are facing as they use the internet. It was very informative. Immediately I sat my children down and had a family home evening on the subject. I explained all the different ways that I know about, where they could be at risk. In so doing, I explained that pornography could pop up at any time, and how to deal with that. My ten year old listened to every word. When I asked him what pornography was, he answered, I have no idea. For several years I had taught the children about the evil of it and hadn’t even thought to give it a full definition. Anyway, the next day this son was at the neighbor’s home playing an on line video game and the very moment I had warned him about happened. Pornography did come onto the screen.

Immediately my son covered the screen and didn’t waste time trying to close out the image. He ran for the father of the home to solve the problem and everything worked out fine. I have since thought and thought on this scenario. First of all a warning was issued. Second, definition and explanation was given to the day and times we live in. Then there was a listening ear that heeded the warning. The trouble did come and the power to handle it was in place. I will tell you, my son came running into the house right after this episode and said, “I did it mom, I knew what to do and I handled the situation” He felt great and the family involved thanked me for having prepared him to handle just such a moment.

Heavenly Father wants our success in the dark days that will be a part of the last days. He loves us and it is through His prophets that He has thoroughly warned us and had the important “family home evening” with us. Are we as eager and trusting as my little boy, to prepare as asked and be ready for the times we are in? Think of how we might also be able to run home (pray), and express how good it felt to be able to handle the “situation” and know what to do, if we too are prepared. That is what Heavenly Father wants for us. Let’s be quick to obey and be as ready as we have been instructed to be.

May Preparedness Family Home Evening

Opening Song: Thanks To Our Father

Thought: “There shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places…. “ Matthew, Joseph Smith 1:29)

List Five

Pocket knife or hunting knife, sharpened and possibly a small wet stone

Plastic cups, cutlery, and paper plates

Rain poncho (often they have these at the dollar stores)… one for each person

Tarp to cover things or to place on the ground


Needle-nosed pliers

2 screw drivers, one regular and one Phillips

Clothes pins… 10 or so

Extra socks for each person

Extra work shoes… suitable for walking

Waterproof boots

Extra underwear for each person

Jogging suits or other change of clothing for each person

Suture kit if you have anyone who can get one of these for you, and only if you would like one

Summer months are almost upon us. What a great time to gather up the items on these lists and gather our children around us and make them a part of the fun of preparing. It is going to feel so good to be ready and to feel as secure as we can in times that are anything but secure. As you are faithful you will be blessed. Just a reminder, keep up your home food storage plans as well. You don’t have to spend thousands to do it. Just double buy on those items that are on sale and that you are purchasing already. Don’t run faster than you have strength but be diligent! It will all come together if your heart stays focused on it and as you slowly but surely move forward.

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I have tried to take on your motto - DO instead of plan to do. Thanks!! I nominated your amazing blog for a Kreative Blogger Award - check out my blog for details - and keep the posts coming!