Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do Instead of Plan to Do - Month Three

Wow! Another year already a fourth gone. Didn’t we just clean up Christmas? If you haven’t got yourself working on these super easy 72 hr. Emergency Preparedness lists yet, what are you waiting for? 2009 will be gone before you know it. I don’t know about you but for me, these winter months have seemed longer and colder this year than they usually are…. Or maybe I’m just getting that much older and I tolerate it less than other years. Either way, I’m so excited for spring.

Spring is a time when I really feel motivated to clean out and get prepared for the long hot months ahead. Let’s use this spring season to get our “ark” built. Yes, we are in a relatively very short preparatory season here before the symbolically “long hot months” of want and adversity are here. In the same way I am hurrying to get things ready for this coming spring and summer, I am also in a hurry to prepare every needful thing so that me and mine can make it through the years ahead with some measure of peace. I think we can make this preparation part fun in many ways. As we include our children and spouses in the efforts and as we find joy in the collecting and storing, it is my belief that we can feel some real satisfaction in our work.

A word here to those who may not be enjoying enthusiasm and praise as they strive to gather food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. You have a hard “row to hoe” it’s true, but consider the following truths:

1. If the Spirit tells you to do something, do it. If you do not, you cannot expect to feel at peace. Those who do God’s work will feel God’s approval and peace. Sometimes He is going to be the only cheering squad you will have… but when He is for you, who can truly be against you?

2. You have a responsibility to preserve your family. You'll be happy when others are found sorely wanting from a lack of preparation and you and your family are safe.
3. People mocked Noah too. And those same fault finders were, no doubt, in a long line to beg for a place on the ark when the rains began.
4. You may only have right now to do this. By the time you fully talk everyone into it or get yourself in the right mood, prices double or worse and maybe the entire preparation phase will be past.
5. Just quit thinking so much and do what you know you must do!

March Preparedness Family Home Evening

Opening Song: The Wise and Foolish Man (Children’s Songbook, p. 281)

Thought: “We can’t eat money-- we need food, and we can’t buy it if there is none to buy."

“Be honest, truthful, industrious, frugal, and thrifty. In the day of plenty, prepare for the day of scarcity.”

“I do know that if we will go forward in this Welfare Plan and follow the admonitions given, to put something in the cellar store place that we may have against a rainy day, we may be blessed. This Welfare Plan is the answer to all home supplies…. If we come into dire times then all the financial plans of the world will have no value. "

J. Rueben Clark Jr. Deseret News, December 31, 1955

List Three

Water storage… whatever system you can do
Several cases of bottled water and water drum, hand pump and water purification tablets

Some simple games/ coloring books/ crayons…. To calm fears in a real severe crisis situation

Consecrated oil for the giving of blessings by authorized Priesthood holders

Bottle of rubbing alcohol and alcohol preps.



Nail clippers


Comb and brush

Multiple vitamins

Latex or non-latex gloves

Work gloves


2 bars or soap… Lava or pumice type and antibacterial


If you have not started preparing your three-month food storage, I’ve provided a list of the recommended basics for one month. Start by adding a little at a time. Some is better than none.

The Basic Food Storage Kit
One Month Basic Food Supply For One Adult

Item number of #10 cans

Wheat 3
White flour 1
White rice 2
Quick oats 1
Macaroni 1
Pinto beans 1
White sugar 1
Powdered milk 1
Shortening 1
Salt 4-4oz. shakers

Visit for more information on food storage guidelines

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